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Hi! My name is Kristin and I am the Founder & Chief Strategist of Inbread – a home bakery located in Austin, Texas. I focus on creating the finest homemade, specialty, stuffed breads around!

I moved back to Austin in early 2011 after a year in Boston and two in England. I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro and have been fortunate enough to travel through Europe, which has cursed me with unadulterated wanderlust: I begin to twitch if I don’t get to travel and discover something new routinely.

I am an international political junkie, humanitarian, and a supporter of sustainable development worldwide, who loves hummus. I LOVE hummus– and not that crap you buy at Whole Foods or your local grocer that has the taste and texture of lightweight compound. Real Hummus. The deliciously creamy, tangy, excessively tasty dip that comes from some persian granny’s kitchen, or Sainsbury’s. If heaven exists, they most certainly serve hummus there.

So you may wonder how I came to bake such delicious breads, well… that’s simple: I was bored. Very, very bored. After graduating from my first master’s at the start of the global recession (no really–, I began looking for a job in London, but that didn’t pan out too well. So I tried my luck in Boston, which unfortunately, panned out even less-well. During these unemployed and exhaustively trying times, I threw myself into the culinary arts to keep from being committed to the looney bin. However, it wasn’t till I met the lovely Zahra – the most genuinely energetic and caring roommate one could ever hope for, that I decided to sell my breads. I then left Boston in search of a better job climate (debatable), my friends, better drivers (ha!), and habaneros-a-plenty (AND a city that has a good enough sense of humor not to be put off by the name Inbread).

Once back in Austin, I started researching how to start Inbread since home bakeries in Texas were illegal (Yep! The tamales you bought from the seniorita down the street were illegal contraband in the eyes of the law- and she, a criminal!). There was no way around it though. I was out of luck… UNTILL the Texas Cottage Foods Bill became law. Thus, now you are now able to purchase the most amazingly decadent stuffed breads ever. Lucky you!

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