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All of the following are made-to-order. Therefore, if you see a bread you like but want to add something to it or remove something, just let me know. If you would like to see pictures (more coming soon!) or a detailed list of  ingredients, please click on the name of each bread and / or download the Inbread Brochure! Also, if you are looking to order for a party (or over 8 breads), please download, fill out, and send the Inbread Party Order Form to

For reference, each bread is approximately 12 – 14″ long, 5 – 6″ wide, and 3.5-4″ tall (contains 10-14 servings).


THE JUSTIN  nutella toffee  19

THE ANDY  cinnamon roll with raisins and walnuts  21 

THE ZAHRA  cinnamon apple toffee  20 

THE NATHAN  strawberries and cream  17 

THE GEMMA  nutella orange chipotle  18

THE MILO  blueberries and cream  20                                                                                                           

THE TABOR  nutella banana  18

THE LOUISE  pumpkin pie and cream cheese  18

THE SWEET SAMPLER  a sample platter comprised of the Justin, Andy, Nathan, and Milo (approx. 28 servings)  45                


THE ASHLEY  red onion, black pepper, thyme, and sea salt  19

THE HANNAH  white onion, sharp cheddar, and jalapenos  18

THE JESSI  jarlesberg, roasted garlic, rosemary, and sea salt  22

THE BASIL  basil pesto (walnuts, garlic, basil, parmesan), and sea salt  17 

THE JEAN  blue cheese, walnuts, cranberry, with a cinnamon sugar topping  21

THE KRIS  greek salad (kalamata olives, red onion, feta) with a tomato dipping sauce  20

THE RICK  sun dried tomatoes, parmesan, yellow onion, fresh basil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, and sea salt  20

THE MARK  peppered salami, white onion, provolone, tomato, rosemary, and sea salt  25

THE SETH  pepperoni, mozzarella, rosemary, and  sea salt  17

THE SAVORY SAMPLER  a sample platter comprised of the Ashley, Hannah, Basil, and Mark (approx. 28 servings)  45


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  1. louis bacarisse #
    February 12, 2012

    hi kristin

    i need a mark and a milo for next sunday and can pick them up at noon like last time



  2. Ying #
    November 15, 2011

    Great website Kristin… the selection looks incredible! I am drooling all the way from the UK! I wish you all the best of luck with your new business xxx

  3. Jean Madden #
    October 31, 2011

    AHHHHmazing bread! nom nom nom.

  4. jessi cape #
    October 10, 2011

    I really need some Kris in my life. And Zahra.

  5. October 10, 2011

    Just can’t get enough of the Andy! After trying Kristin’s breads, nothing else even comes close.

  6. Louise #
    October 10, 2011

    We LOVE the JUSTIN. Can’t wait to try the KRIS!!!! Great Bread from a great girl!

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